Luxury Bathroom Remodel

We create luxury bathroom designs based on your vision and personal style. Your living space can be injected with comfort and class with an upscale bathroom remodeling. Designed by our team of refined experts, your new luxurious bathroom can become the starting point for your elegant home, or be the final touch that completes your dream home. Currently servicing the greater Houston area, call today for a free consultation and start designing an exclusive bathroom for your home!

Whether your current Houston bathroom is struggling with mold, mildew, damage, or is simply outdated, we have everything you need to completely transform your space. With an unlimited number of combinations of product styles, textures, accessories and more, the creative possibilities are endless. We offer a range of custom bathtubs, showers and shower enclosure systems, walk-in tubs, and accessories to choose from. Getting the custom bathroom of your dreams has never been easier!

Complement your lifestyle with the luxury of a custom tailored bathroom design

We believe a well-appointed bath can provide you with a place of quiet refuge, where you can indulge, relax, and pamper yourself. With this in mind, our team works closely with clients to create a luxurious bathroom design that marries bespoke concept with practical purpose.  Our team of designers conceptualize designs, manage space, and integrate new design elements that enhance the flow and harmony of your space. Our team of professional designers will deliver results that go beyond your expectations.

Traditional Luxury Bathrooms

Remodel your bathroom with luxury. Re-imagine Ancient tradition of kings and royals with bathrooms in a traditional style where technology and aesthetics meet high-end bathroom appliances and fixtures. Our Experts have vast experience in selecting an exclusive range of bath and chinaware, some of which are only available exclusively from our leading luxury showroom.

Are You Ready For Luxury?

Luxury Contemporary Bathrooms

 25% of homeowners in Houston went with a contemporary upgrade. The sleek lines, gilded finishes and minimalist cool of a Luxury Contemporary bathroom is hard to resist. Visit our award-winning showroom for a consultation with a design expert who will help you with a range of luxury materials and contemporary design ideas today.

The Concept of Our Luxury Bathrooms Will Improve Your Quality of Life

Our luxury bathroom designers combine art and science to tailor a look that speaks highly of your property while nurturing a conducive and comfortable space. Whether you want an ultramodern bath or one that pays homage to classic or rustic influences, you can trust our expert designers to recreate and tailor an entirely new and fresh concept for your very own bathroom. We will adapt  or break traditional designs, and reinvent contemporary elements, in order to build you a personal space where luxury and sophistication is evident at every turn.

What Our Customers say


I really like dealing with this family-oriented company, the salespeople are caring and the office staff know me by name. The installers are friendly, hard working and willing to go above and beyond. Management will call you back when you have a question. Its been a pleasure.

Monica Hubbard

These guys really helped us out after Hurricane Harvey. From handling the insurance, to making sure the mold was taken care of, they came through during a very trying time. I have recommended them to all my friends and family. The man who handled all of my many, many questions was very patient and definitely compassionate to the situation we were in. I'm grateful.

Amy Whitcher

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