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Mold Removal & Remediation

Texas is known for its humidity and with humidity comes BLACK MOLD. Mold thrives in Houston, particularly due to the increased chances of hurricanes and flood damage. The tiny spores of mold reproduce very quickly, and grow on all organic matter near it. As a result of the spreading spores, irritants, allergens, and potentially toxic substances emerge. This is where PLM Restoration comes in. We handle the mold detection, the mold removal process, and the mold cleanup. Due to the dangers associated with this particular type of mold exposure, a swift mold remediation is imperative. Insurance companies will not pay your claim if you haven’t done a thorough mold cleanup.

We handle the mold remediation process, and we handle it quickly. PLM can come out and perform mold inspections to assess the situation in your home or business

We are more than a mold restoration company; we also handle all communication with the insurance companies so you don’t have to. We don’t get paid until you get paid, so getting you fair value for your water-damaged home and belongings is another priority. 

Sometimes, insurance companies don’t like to give you fair value, but with our team on the job, we make sure they do. We even provide our customers with tips for cleanup as well as provide our thorough cleanup services.

What Houston Mold Removal Companies Do

If your home has been in a flood or had any water damage, chances are you have at least some mold spores hiding out. Many times, if there is water hidden beneath tiles or wood, homeowners miss it, causing mold to spread rapidly without detection. This leads to a swift increase in growth and can cause many thousands of dollars worth of mold damage. Anywhere there is water, whether it is in plain view or hidden, it must be dried completely. Homeowners who think a towel dry is enough to deter the mold growth are usually hit with a hefty bill by a contractor weeks or months later. It is also worth noting that odor removal is impossible unless mold abatement is performed. The water has to be removed, completely to keep mold in your home from growing.

Houston mold removal companies, like PLM Restoration, know how to remove mold, as well as the chances of getting mold. They are trained professionals who not only take care of the mold detection, mold cleanup, and mold removal, but who also make sure insurance companies pay the fair amount. If you’ve had a remediation company come in, take pictures, and document every step of the process, insurance companies are more apt to pay fair value. At PLM Restoration, we deal with the insurance companies so you don’t have to!

Black Mold Removal: What it is & How to Know

First of all, not all molds are toxic. That seems to be good news, however, unless you are familiar with the different spores in a scientific sense, ignoring the problem is very much like playing Russian Roulette. Black Mold, or Stachybotrys Atra (also known as Stachybotrys chartarum) is a species of a Toxic Mold that have probably heard about most often. This mold is dangerous to all living things, even plants and trees. It appears as a slimy, dark green or black, and grows relatively quickly.

Black mold has a musty, mildew smell to it, which is very strong. If the spores are in the air conditioning ducts, often times when the unit is turned on, the smell becomes even stronger. Like many allergens, black mold is a toxin, but unlike many allergens, black mold can cause a multitude of symptoms. Some of the dangers of mold are:


  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Muscle aches or weakness
  • Burning throat
  • Light sensitivity
  • Rash
  • Night sweats

These symptoms vary in degree of severity, but when combined, it can become physically overwhelming.

Some of the rarer, more serious side effects of black mold are:

  • Passing out
  • Nosebleeds
  • Vision problems
  • Tremors
  • Swollen lymphatic system
  • Trouble breathing
  • Hair loss
  • Trouble breathing
  • Cancer

Do you have mold in your home ? We can remove it


Cost of Mold Removal & Mold Remediation in Houston

Sad to say, but the cost of mold treatment in Houston can get expensive, and quick! This is primarily due to the fact that, thanks to our warm & humid climate, mold spreads rapidly here. That means it can quickly get into the structural elements of your home (i.e. behind walls and under sub-floors) faster than you might expect, which can exponentially increase the cost of eradicating the infestation and restoring the structure.

If you can detect the presence of mold early on, then it may be possible to treat it as a simple mold removal case. This means less invasive and less expensive equipment and techniques are required, such as chemical treatments and routine hazardous disposal.

However, if the mold has spread deeper into the structure or is pervasive throughout the dwelling, than a more thorough process called mold remediation may be indicated.

The level of infestation will directly affect your mold removal cost. The remediation cost of a crawlspace can really vary. It could be as little as $500 or as much as $4,000 depending on how big it is, and how much mold is present. 

If your home has been flooded and the mold is all throughout it, there is much more that has to be done. This could drive your remediation cost up to $10,000 – $30,000, or higher, depending on the size of your home.

Mold testing & inspection cost Houston

A thorough inspection and background survey of the premises is always the first step. This is to ensure that all affected areas and potential causes of mold have been identified before the removal or remediation process begins. Inspector does a full visual inspection of the property. This includes areas of concern and general areas that typically have mold growth.
We inspect:
All interior walls with a Moisture Meter and/or Thermal Imaging Camera to identify areas more likely to have hidden mold.
All closets, under sinks, under stairs, around windows/doors, or any areas where water is present. (Bathrooms, Utility Rooms, Kitchens, ETC)
After the full visual inspection of the property, a testing plan is suggested to the client.

There are many reasons that necessitate an in-person evaluation by one of our trained technicians before we just jump into fixing it. The primary reason being, it is important to us that our clients are fully informed of the extent of the problem and solution from the get-go.

Another very important reason is this: what if toxic mold is found on the premises? It’s likely that you will want to know immediately – for the safety of your family – whether or not you should evacuate the site until the threat has been contained and eliminated, right?

Take a moment to consider the health risks, the risk of losing your valuables, and the amount of stress ignoring the situation will bring. It just isn’t worth the worry. Call us at (832) 593-9500 to schedule an appointment with one of our highly skilled professionals. Don’t let mold come between you and a happy, stress-free life.

To get your restoration process started as soon as possible and to be sure to prevent the mold spreading  and health concern. Contact the best of the mold remediation company in Houston.

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I really like dealing with this family oriented company the salespeople are caring office staff knows me by name. The installers are friendly hard working and willing to go above and beyond. Management will call you back when you have a question. Its been a pleasure

Monica Hubbard

These guys really helped us out after Hurricane Harvey. From handling the insurance, to making sure the mold was taken care of, they came through during a very trying time. I have recommended them to all my friends and family. The man who handled all of my many, many questions was very patient and definitely compassionate to the situation we were in. I'm grateful

Amy Whitcher

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